What is Karma? Making Sense of the World

When people use the quote “Everything happens for a reason,” it is a hard concept to grasp. Some situations and events seem too tragic to happen for any justifiable reason. If we simply look around the world from one perspective it could look like utter chaos. The problem lies in a lack of understanding about how life works and how the law of Karma and Divine Balance play a role in earthly life. People loosely refer to the term “karma” when they see something happen to someone after that person did something to deserve it. People say, “Well, that’s karma!” and kind of laugh at it when it is not happening to them.

Truthfully, karma works like that but on a far greater scale. As spirit beings, we carry the karma we have collected through various lifetimes. It is like a backpack filled with all of our baggage that we carry. To get the point across can say as spirits, we don’t want to transport this on our backs so we reincarnate to free ourselves. So sometimes, what happens in this life is a result of something we did previously, and we want to balance it and move on so we can grow our consciousness and find greater peace.  

Karma is Divine Law. Everything is recorded in the field of consciousness, so nothing is missed or not seen. People are responsible for their intentions and actions. This knowledge is necessary to know for many reasons. For one, it helps us relinquish judgment. We don’t have to be the ones determining what is right and wrong and judge based on that. Life already knows what is taking place. We don’t need to interfere.

This information is NOT to create fear about something bad we think we did and fear we are going to be punished from it. It doesn’t work like that. Life is all forgiving, and there is no one to judge you or your actions other than yourself. The world can be a tough place to live, and everyone is just doing the best he or she can with the knowledge he or she has available to him or her. Be easy on yourself. We all make mistakes, and that is the process of life and the entire point of learning from our mistakes and growing from them. Not one human being since the beginning of humanity has been absolutely perfect in his or her actions in his or her life (other than Jesus), and that is a fact, so its all good, can relax.

We can see earth as like the karma depot. Human life is an expression of Divine Grace and Infinite Mercy. It is an absolute gift to be born a human because it gives us the opportunity to balance our karma. Earth is where bad karma is dropped and good karma is collected. So it is like the backpack being replaced with wings so we can fly free. This is actually the sole purpose of life. We go through traumatic life experiences to release our bad karma. We agreed to partake in the process because we know it is for our own benefits in the bigger picture. Earthly life is just a fraction of our eternal existence.

There is no use going through life always judging what is good and bad and what is wrong and right because everything is happening for far greater reasons than our understanding. We are here to simply witness life with no judgment, undo bad karma, learn about who or what we are, and grow our consciousness to the extent we feel safe to love unconditionally.

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