What is God? Describing the InDescribable

A false depicted version of God is spread through the world that is not serving our well being because of its lack of truth. Some schools and TV networks have even gone so far as to say the word cannot be used without bringing offence to others. The term itself has been so misleading that when someone thinks of God, he or she fears being judged. This is maybe why the Buddha did not even use the word in his teachings. This fear-based version of God is a major hindrance to one’s spiritual growth. It is a complete falsehood and should be treated as such. Because the word God has been so abused, other terms are beneficial to use to describe the same universal energy, such as Allness, Oneness, Source, Creation, Holy Spirit, Divinity, or even simply Life!

So what is God anyway? Infinite love. To believe in love is to believe in God. All great things are simple. Divinity is the all-loving Energy of Creation. It is the underlying Source of Existence that is the Unconditional Love that gifts the freedom to be breathe, experience, exist, and be aware that we are cognizant. Without Divinity, there would be oblivion—no awareness, no life source, and no love. With Divinity, there is beautiful life and the ability to experience, be alive, and feel love and joy.

The very core of all existence is divinity, and it is the same in all of us, the light of love, the gift of life, and the everlasting moment of awareness that is experienced. The Source of Life is boundless consciousness and always expanding its consciousness at the speed of light. This is why we have life. We are units of consciousness, learning and evolving to find our way back “home” to eventually reconnect with Source. The journey to God is like a reader wanting to meet the author or a person watching a movie and wanting to meet the producer. It is just that. You come to appreciate and respect life to the extent you want to live with the energy that created life and has enough love to sustain it.

God is not something out there that is separate from you. To exist is to be in the presence of God. All forms of existence therefore carry the presence of God within. God is eternal within the spirit—always present, always aware, and always loving. To awaken its presence, we align with its love. We become channels of God’s unconditional love.

The core essence of God is formless. When we put structure on God, it creates limitations, but its energy has no restrictions or limitations, it is Infinite Power. Any term used to describe “God” itself can even be surrendered because that which it truly is has no label. We acknowledge God as source is Infinite Unconditional and All Merciful Love, Joy and Peace with a knowingness in our hearts that is beyond a belief system.

We can let go of the illusion of being separate from God that restricts the experience of its Glory. God is not somewhere up in the sky. It is within you. Love the created as the Creator.

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