Staying Heart Centered with 5 Acts of Intention to Create Zen

While on the pursuit to grow consciousness and experience new heights of awareness, staying grounded in your heart center¬†is important part of the process. Staying heart centered provides the necessary balance needed to enter into higher realms while growing your soul. Without the consciousness being grounded by the heart it is like a free falling bird that doesn’t have the strength in its wings to catch its fall and fly gracefully.

You may have seen some spiritual pictures that represent higher states of consciousness as an act of balance. This is representing perfect harmony and balance. We balance the consciousness by the act of intention by intending to stay connected to source energy through the heart chakra while equally at the same time expanding our consciousness and identifying with life and awareness beyond ourselves.

What does staying heart centered mean?

Instead of living in the mind of thoughts and constant content oriented thinkingness, we shift our attention of focus onto the heart chakra — the area by your chest. We do this by intention. Shifting your focus you will feel an immediate change.

This can be done anytime with intention but remaining grounded in the heart chakra and staying heart centered can prove to be more difficult with life getting in the way and distracting us with seemingly never ending content to focus on.

It requires relentless self awareness and intention to stay heart centered. So when you see meditation pictures representing balance and unity, it is representing cultivating all the powers of the universe and putting them together with equal balance to create Zen.

It is all by act of intention we are able to create balance within us that will create well being. The intention on staying self aware of what is taking place within us, intention on staying heart centered, intention on consciousness expansion by moving ones awareness outside of oneself, intention on unconditional lovingness as a way of being and intention of constant surrenderment are the 5 acts of intention that when utilized in perfect harmony can bring the soul to its natural state of being in peace.

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