Seeking Abundance Without Looking for Gain

Life is lived in the form of seeking. Your spirit-seeking knowledge brought you to this web site. The constant seeking for something more or better keeps most people going. To seek something better and more fulfilling in our lives is quite natural and pushes us towards the direction of our goals and dreams.

However, during this process of seeking something better, we see what other people have and how glamorous and satisfying their lives seem. We can become jealous and feel we deserve better, too. The problem arises when we replace seeking betterment with searching for gain. When we start to look for gain in any sort of way, we create the inner feeling of being in lack of. Because we seek to gain something, we tell our minds that we are lacking that one item and it is not available to us until sometime in the future. Believing we lack is the source of our unhappiness. The energy field of desire develops a never-ending craving to fill that desire. In this state of mind, it is impossible to reach the condition of inner peace and contentment in the present moment because, in the back of the mind, that inner voice says something better is somewhere out there.

When we seek to gain something, we create an outgoing forceful energy on whatever we are looking for. This pushes it farther out of our reach like a repelling magnet. Every time we subconsciously or consciously seek to gain something, we make it harder for ourselves to actually get it. It is like when we seek to gain that we create universal restrictions. We place limitations and obstacles in front of the very thing or aspect we seek. When the gain aspect of seeking is surrendered, a clear path opens between us and the thing we seek. Like magnets, they are then attracted together.

There is no need to worry when we hear “Seeking to gain is wrong” because it is actually quite normal. The negativity associated with it can be resolved in an instant when we change our perceptions toward whatever we are seeking. We can change the forceful and repelling energy into a positive and attracting energy.

We can successfully attract what we seek in our lives with the law of attraction, which has been taught for a long time, but because of its simplicity, it is often misunderstood. We can achieve the law of attraction by imagining and visualizing in our minds whatever we seek and acting as if we already have it. When we imagine as if we already have whatever we are seeking and project it out into the universe without looking for gain, the universe will manifest it as if it were a reality when the time is right, if it is meant to be for the highest good.

The instant we remove the seeking for gain element in our minds and stop telling ourselves we are lacking something, we let the law of attraction take full effect in our lives. That which is held in the mind has a tendency to manifest. Simply hold in mind what you want to attract into your life.

To surrender looking to gain something, we can focus on what we already have and simply imagine what we are looking to attract into our lives as if we already have that as well. Imagining in the mind’s eye as if it were a reality without seeking to gain is the secret to attracting your wishes into your life.

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