Replacing Mind Suffering with Life Lovingness

Life is awareness. Awareness is to be conscious, to know you exist. To exist is to have life. If you exist now, you can’t not exist later because existence is forever. It is either existence or not. Which one can be proven? We can prove existence because we are alive and aware in this moment. It is an interesting fact that non-existence cannot be proven.

Existence is life, and it is now. To exist is to be forever. If you are now, you are forever. If you say you are aware of life but then say you believe in death, then you have not yet realized what ‘life’ really means and the ultimate nature of your existence. You are the energy of life; therefore, you are forever because life cannot be non-life.

The feeling of foreverness is within you. When you identify with this feeling of forever and realign your being with the underlying energy of life that cannot be extinguished, grace is free to shine in. Say this affirmation. “I am the freedom of forever.”

Loving Witness

We witness the world as it unfolds before our eyes. It is almost like watching a movie. The movie is always playing, and while we watch, it is engrained into us that we have to react and respond in order to be a part of it. In order to live freely, we become loving witnesses of the movie, not critics or victims. The awareness and realization that the movie is always present but has no effect on how we feel inside is the secret to inner freedom.

At every moment, you can ask yourself, “Am I witnessing the movie? Or am I reacting to it?” If you are reacting to the movie in a way that is causing you personal distress, surrender it, and carry on witnessing and loving the movie of life. Find courage to laugh instead of cry, be happy instead of sad, and excited instead of disappointed. Live your life like it is perfect without that mind constantly telling us otherwise, “Life is and will always be perfect.”

Pathway to Freedom

The pathway to freedom is the route we take to become free from the ego, which means freedom from suffering. The path requires the strength and power of the inner spiritual will to guide the way to peace.

Walk the path of freedom with a positive attitude and excitement that you are breaking beyond previous limitations that have stopped you from pursuing your dreams and creating the life you want to experience. Find courage to step out of your comfort zone and break through the walls that stand between you and the inner freedom you are seeking. Take responsibility for your progress. When life gets you down, get back up with an even stronger determination and motivation for inner success. Inspire yourself to reach new heights and allow yourself the love and respect you deserve.

Freedom is like blowing up a balloon. At first, it requires great efforts and may seem tiresome. Air might leak out once in a while in the process, but as you relentlessly continue to blow up the balloon, it becomes easier and less effortless until the knot is tied and the object floats on its own without any continued effort or external help.

You could also see your inner being as a water flotation device. If it is not blown up with air (love), it sinks and goes underwater (suffering). So if you want it to float, it requires some action and effort to fill it with air. It may take some time and seem tiresome to fill the water floatation device with air, but you do it because you know it will be worth it in the long run. Once there is enough air pumped in and it is sealed, the water flotation device becomes its full potential, reaching its maximal expression. It floats effortlessly on the water and can even be of service to others and hold them afloat. It has its own inner power to carry the weight without sinking underwater. So if you fill your inner being with love, it will float to freedom with self-sustained power.

Take comfort in knowing you are on your ultimate soul’s path and life is supporting you 110 percent along the way. If you follow your heart, nothing can stop you. You are the energy of life, the most powerful thing in the universe, on a mission and here for a purpose.

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