Re-Contexualizing the Relationship Between Man and God

It is common to think Jesus and God is separate from us in our human perception and the way we approach communicating to God through prayer. We pray to a God in the sky and ask Jesus for assistance and envision asking something outside of ourselves. This is an innocent error in approaching how we see ourselves, God and Christ. There is a false duality when we see ourselves as a separate to God.

People ask God for help through out their life but when you ask there is a tendency to ask as if you are an individual asking a higher power that is separate from you. For example Subject A (Person) asking for help from Subject B (God).

The term non-duality when defined as an experience or reality is “Pure Oneness”. It is when there is no false perspective of you being separate from God. In reality this is impossible. If you were separate from God you wouldn’t have awareness. Without the presence of God in all of us, we would have no existence. God and Jesus Christ is the Light. The Light is Life. God is the Life. We are experiencing the light of life at every moment. We are experiencing God at every moment.

When you look out through your eyes in actuality you are looking out through the eyes of Christ or through the eyes of God. Your eyes are Gods eyes. “I look through Jesus eyes and all I see is God” God is all that is and ever can be. God is life and everything that has life has the presence of God within.

The only thing that is not God is non-life and that doesn’t exist. Remember this in day to day life when you feel stressed, or alone or wanting to feel a sense of peace and well being. You are looking out through Gods eyes and Jesus the Savior is with you from within always and forever. Accepting Jesus as your Savior is re-identifying with this one truth.

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