Living Without Judgment Opens Heart Chakra

There is no harm in admitting that most people are obsessed with judging. Actually, very few people can say with honesty that they have gone one entire day without a single judgment about themselves or someone else. Judgment in others is a reflection of what one judges in himself or herself. So if you don’t like something in yourself, it is mirrored in the judgment of others. Self-acceptance helps in relinquishing outgoing forms of non-acceptance.

We may sometimes not even notice ourselves judging or condemning others because it is overshadowed by the reasoning we have built up in our minds that tells us it is okay to judge or think this way in this certain situation because we are right and the other person, position, and so forth is wrong. Because we think it is wrong or bad, under certain conditions, we feel we have the right to condemn, judge, and look down upon it.

In order to advance our inner growth, we must give up all judgment, no matter the form. Reaching peace requires a life without judgment. Every time a verdict takes place, we give away some of our inner powers. By judging others, we show we are not yet fully comfortable with ourselves. Inner resolution arises when we get comfortable and complete enough in ourselves that we feel no need to judge others. Self-acceptance also makes people more comfortable to be around you. Remember, others are as comfortable with you as you are accepting of yourself. This was mentioned in Dr. David R Hawkins lecture.

Sometimes, people find it hard to stop their automatic, engrained judgments and negative reactions when exposed to something they disagree with. It may be beneficial to replace automatic judgments with “wishing better” thinking. When we catch ourselves thinking negative and judgmental thoughts, we should replace them with positive and “wishing better” thoughts. When we wish better for someone or something instead of judging, we feel the positive over the negative, and we spread power instead of force. It feels good to wish better for someone, and it feels bad to judge someone. That is all the proof we need to wish better instead of judge. This is because when we judge the heart chakra closes and is constricted. When we don’t judge and live a life of non judgment the heart chakra begins to open and the inner experience of life changes to a feeling of well being and peace.

We can know that, every time we wish better for something or someone and think positive toward that thing or person, we are increasing their capacity to improve and heal, all the while equally increasing our own capacities to feel good. This is the power of a prayer and the reason why it can do the miraculous. It is said that we should live life like a prayer. This means we should never waver from sending positive, uplifting, and healing thoughts and remain in the prayer of life. When we live life like a prayer, we become a healing and uplifting energy that helps the world.

Now that it is reawakened that it is more rewarding for ourselves not to judge, it becomes about how aware we are of our judgments and how willing we are to replace these verdicts with betterment (positive and uplifting) thoughts. When we consistently make this change, it soon becomes automatic and opens a new way of experiencing life where each moment gives us the opportunity to help the world, our well being and to serve life.

Once we come to terms with the reality that everything and everyone around us will never be exactly the way we want it to be, we can simply focus on being exactly the way we want ourselves to be. Certain people cannot help acting the way they do and being the way they are because they are living under the restraints of a specific energy field that they feel they have no control over. If we disagree with certain people, does it make sense to let their position in life disrupt your well-being? No, it is not worth the energy.

We don’t have control how people are, but we do influence the way we see them and how we choose to express ourselves toward others. Notice the energy you are releasing from yourself. If negative, check yourself and replace with neutral or even better positive energy. Depending on if we choose to judge or wish better upon others determines if we are maintaining our inner energies or letting something disrupt its natural flow.

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