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Knowledge for the Soulby Brayden Hall

Free Preview: Knowledge for the Soul takes us on a journey to unravel the source of human suffering so we can surrender it and awaken our spirits to a new and exciting way of living. The reality is, each one of us is looking to improve our well being and create a positive life experience, but with the fast paced world and the stresses that come with it, it seems difficult if not impossible at times to change the negativity we find ourselves experiencing in our daily lives. Our ultimate life purpose has been overshadowed by the fast paced and stressful world we have been forced into which causes us to identify with arising negative emotions and experience the resulting ongoing inner suffering. Knowledge for the Soul focuses on how to live a life free from negativity and full of positive energy for the sake of fulfilling the purpose of our lives and experiencing the overwhelming payoffs of a few simple perception changes. This book uses the power of truth to bring the purpose of our lives back to our awareness and build a foundation to give us reason to re identify with the positive emotions available to us to experience the happiness, peace, contentment and love always at our disposal. When we understand the roots to our own inner suffering we can learn how to catch arising negativity before it causes us harm and replace it with an everlasting inner contentment and joy for life. The writing touches on why each one of us feels the way we do and how anyone can change the way they feel with a new outlook on life. With the power of understanding and knowledge, anything is possible. As each chapter unfolds we are exposed to truth that has the power to change our perception to a new reality and open our minds to a new way of being and relating to the world. With the knowledge obtained in this book we can awaken a new way of living that gives us an inner excitement and joy to take on each day. Each new moment becomes an opportunity instead of a burden to help ourselves and the world. Life is a wonderful gift. We unwrap the gift with knowledge and understanding. The more we learn, the more the gift we can see. As we make new realizations the gift of life becomes increasingly present. When all the wrapping paper is removed, the gift of life stands before our eyes and with it arises a whole new reason to love and be happy. FINDING THE MEANING OF LIFE: The greatest question we can have on earth is “Why are we here?” and the greatest fear is “Where do we go when we pass away?” These questions eventually arise in our minds and unlike most questions we have nowadays, the answers do not appear from a simple online search engine search. Many people feel lost and frustrated with the lack of sense of purpose. The reason we feel lost is because without realizing it, and without any fault of our own, we have been aligning our life compass in the wrong direction. After reading, there will be a new direction for you to point your compass for success, peace, happiness and love. What is the purpose of life? With so many questions and debated discussions on why life is the way it is, and such a wide range of practices from science to religion to atheism to spiritual, it can seem nearly impossible to find all the answers and be confident enough to follow them. “There must be more to life” is the basic underlying thought that pulls us towards finding answers to the purpose of our lives. Some people may go their entire life avoiding the question and never finding the truth, distracting themselves with the contents or conflicts of the world. Other people may have never thought about it because they grew up thinking this is all there was, and never questioned it. Others may have too much pride to believe in something more. But a large portion of people have always secretly been searching for the answer, reading books and courses and trying to piece the puzzle together. The negative world they see just doesn’t seem like it could be all there is. The negativity of the world expose humans to situations that are demanding; require strength and courage to stay positive through struggles and sufferings, and many find crutches along the way in hopes of making the experience of life easier and less painful. With such wide range of material and emotional distractions and a lack of knowledge about the truth, it is common to ignore and procrastinate the most important question of all, and that is “What is my Purpose in Life?” Once you sincerely ask yourself this question, the awareness will arise that – There has got to be more! All seekers of the truth start the same way, and because there is only one truth, most serious seekers eventually find what they are searching for. Knowledge for the Soul was written with a goal to bring an exciting new meaning to the word “Life”, and what it means to live in it. The concepts discussed in the material will change the way you view the world and give you insight on how to welcome the positive energy into your life to drastically change the way you think and feel in every situation. Your quest to find the meaning of life has brought you to this book. The material will awaken that which you already know. Now that you have found it, relax and begin the pathway within…

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