If God is Love What Are You?

The different views of God.

Depending on where we choose to position ourselves in life, the view of God changes. To the ego, the views of God are based on falsehood because the ego itself is based on this concept. The ego stands for “Edge God Out” (Dr. Wayne Dyer). Why? So it can be its own version of God for the limited time it has here on earth. The perspective of God from the lower viewpoints of the ego includes a despising, vindictive, condemning, uncaring, punitive God. These are all false depictions of God that people choose to align with based on the consciousness they are experiencing.

When these are not the primary views of God, the ego will simply deny God or see it as something vengeful to fear. It will take the position, “How can all these terrible things happen in the world? God must be angry or something mean.” This view is the exact opposite of God’s true nature of love. The ego holds on to this viewpoint to maintain its hold on the individual.

Finally at the last stance, the ego takes the viewpoint of indifference. It sees God as neither good nor bad, but it is unconcerned with it and has no particular interest in it. All of these views on God are false and non-beneficial for our long-term growth as human and spirit beings.

Eventually, one will take a leap of faith maybe through a life experience or after exposure to truthful knowledge that delivers a clearer perspective on life. Faith is necessary to maintain the relationship between the human and the life energy we term as God. Without faith and belief in something beyond ourselves, we are limited in our outlooks on life and spiritual progress. With faith, consciousness is free to grow. Level of consciousness is based on the degree one feels separate from God. Feeling separate results in suffering. Feeling one with God results in peace.

As consciousness begins to align with truth and the ego loosens its grip, the God view becomes permitting and enabling. Consciousness begins to feel empowered and trusting of its newfound outlook on life. Individual consciousness continues to grow, and God is progressively seen as inspiring, merciful, and wise. He has a power that is creative, grateful, compassionate, and filled with knowledge and intelligence. Life is greatly fulfilling with these views on God because one becomes more aligned with truth and reality rather than falsehood and subjectivity.

As consciousness reaches the level of love, the God view becomes loving as its primary expression. Love turns into lovingness; consciousness becomes one with God’s unconditional love. Beyond this God view remains a nondualistic expression of everlasting love, joy, and peace. Consciousness aligns itself with the ultimate truth of being one with love, joy, and peace.

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