How to Create Your Inner Reality

Life is experienced inside of us. Nothing in our lives has been experienced outside of ourselves. Have you ever undergone something outside of your inner experience? No. You see things outside of yourself, but the experience you have is still within. Think about it very closely until you get that “aha” moment like Oprah calls it :). Nothing is experienced out there, and it never has. All that has happened from the moment you were born up until this very moment was a variety of changing inner experiences that range from being exciting, satisfying, joyful, pleasant, and content to being frustrated, sad, maddening, and other different forms of unpleasantness. So the real question is, “What is constantly changing inside of us that is altering the way we feel?”

The answer is our perceptions, the way we see what is happening around us. The change in feeling is a direct result in how we perceive something to be occurring, for example:

  • We feel pleasant to different degrees when we slant our perceptions to believe that what is going on is good.
  • We feel unpleasant when we slant our perceptions to believe what is going on is bad or no good.

Depending on how much we choose to slant our perceptions in either direction determines if we have a really good or bad inner feeling or something in between.

This is why the awareness to thoughts and their patterns that are taking place inside of our minds is the most important step in the process of making yourself feel better. One must stay consciously aware, but it’s not just for a moment. We are to forever stay aware of the contents of the mind and the way it is making you feel in every instant. If you are not aware of your thoughts, they can run all over you. You become a slave to your own mind. No one wants to be a slave to anything, right? So what do you say we stop letting the mind control our feelings!

If you are serious about feeling better and changing your inner experience to a positive, everlasting emotion, then you have to be seriously willing to look what is happening inside your own mind from this moment on. You have to be openly willing to adjust your thought patterns so they benefit your well-being.

Thoughts can be your best friend or enemy. When perceptions have a negative slant to them, they are hurtful to you and restrict you from inner well-being. It is like you become the punching bag and the thoughts are the fists doing the punching. On the other hand, when they have a positive slant to them, they are beneficial to your well-being.

How willing are you to change all your thoughts to positive? Is it worth your happiness? If you are unwilling to change your thoughts for the better, then you are saying to yourself, “I am unwilling to let myself be happy.” It is just like saying, “My thoughts are more important than my happiness.” Is a thought more important than letting yourself feel good? Is anything more key than your happiness? I don’t think so. So let’s start living according to this.

From now on, you are to only focus on your inner happiness. All else distracts you from your ultimate goal of being happy. So if this is the most important thing in your life, what are you willing to do to achieve inner happiness? Are you willing to

  • release thoughts that deny you from being happy;
  • be conscious of yourself and what is going on at each moment in your mind;
  • change negative slants to positive; or
  • release the knee-jerk reaction that tells you it is okay to respond in a negative manner in certain circumstances?

If you are willing to hold yourself to these, you will have no problem finding happiness and peace of mind.

If a negative thought pattern is consistent and you are finding it hard to let go, ask yourself, “Why am I giving my attention to this thought? Why do I think this thought is important?” When you shine a light on negative thoughts, they scurry away like rats. When you resist anything, you experience it.

Take a third-person view and relate with your thoughts in that manner. This greatly helps because, the moment the thought goes from “my thought” to “just a thought,” it turns from being seen as important because it is mine to not important and not worth holding onto because it is just a thought that is causing me to feel worse when I think about it.

Anytime thoughts are giving you a hard time, realize it is not worth holding onto because it is just a thought and you didn’t create it. You know it is actually your thought when it is aligned with making you feel good. At the same time you are thinking about anything, probably thousands or millions of other people in the world are thinking and feeling the same because of it. Therefore, thoughts that cause stress do not deserve your attention. You should focus your attention on your happiness, not passing thoughts that distract you from your happiness.

Maintain your inner attention to every single thought that goes through your mind and the way it is making you feel in that moment. Anything that doesn’t feel quite right or good, surrender it instantly. It doesn’t feel good for a reason. It is an indicator built into us to warn us that the thought doesn’t belong there. Your feelings are your own inner teacher. Listen to your feelings and what they are telling you.

If you want to be happy and content, don’t let anything that is non-beneficial to your experience into your mind. Only allow that which will set you free from negativity and uplift your experience of life. It just makes sense. Not many people realize we can think about anything we want to at any moment. If we did, why would we think about anything that is negative and causes suffering? The spectrum of the mind is open to all possible metallization’s. We can think about anything. So why does the mind zero in on the very few negative aspects of our lives?

The simple truth is that the ego is actually addicted to focusing on the negative. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t do it. So one easy way to figure out if you are identifying with the ego or spirit is to simply examine in that moment what type of thought you are holding onto and what you are feeling inside. If it contains any sort of negativity, the ego brought you to that thought. If it is positive and uplifting, the spirit brought you to it. Let your spirit live through your mind. Let your heart decide what you think about. That’s all that needs to be done. Your spirit knows what is best for you. Let it guide you into the direction of your well-being. The ego can go jump on a trampoline or something and amuse itself somewhere else. It is time for the spirit to awaken and take you for a ride of inner pleasure. But before it can do that, you must make an inner decision to let go of holding onto any form of negativity.

Embrace the transformation from ego mind to spirit mind. Be excited about the opportunity and the positive change that can be experienced with just a simple change in perception.

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