How Energy Fields Effect Our Daily Lives

There are two worlds: the one we see and the invisible world of energy fields. The domain we see and the individuals involved are operating under the influence of the world of energy fields.

In this blog we have discussed many factors that determine the inner experience, including one’s alignment with spirit, degrees of awareness, and feelings brought on by outgoing reactions. Now let’s move onto what determines how each person overall relates with the world.

Energy fields, fields of energy that consciousness is attracted to that determine the overall experience of life, determine the experience of individual consciousness. We choose to relate to the world in a certain way. An overall feeling prevails as the primary experience of one’s consciousness based upon this choice. The overall energy field of its consciousness directly influences the inner thoughts of the individual. This is why some people are living in anger and have many irate thoughts. Others are living in desire and have several thoughts of craving. The field of energy that consciousness chooses to reside in accounts for the general expression of arising thoughts and the way they will react to situations.

The energy field experienced associates itself with specific thought patterns and ways of seeing the world. Along with every thought, intention, word, and action, it also carries with it energy, and the force it holds also attracts the energy fields that surround our individual consciousness. This makes us experience the inner world the way it is. It becomes a cycle. The energy fields attract specific thoughts, and the thoughts attract the energy field. It is hard to leave the energy field we are living in because it requires intervention from a higher energy field or thought patterns in order to expand one’s conscious experience.

The overall energy field that surrounds us determines our behaviors, the way we react to situations, and the reason why we feel the way we do. We change the energy field that surrounds our consciousness by the way we choose to overall relate with the world. Basically, the relationship we have between our selves and the world attracts the energy field into our lives.

What are the energy fields?Falsehoodenergy fields include shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, and pride.Truth energy fields include courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, and peace.

All thoughts based on falsehood surround us with a negative energy field. Living in falsehood energy fields cause inner suffering to different degrees. Its energy is demanding on us, and when held onto for too long, we can feel like walking time bombs with nowhere to release it. The lower the energy field we live in, the more pressure we put on our selves. Consciousness becomes a filter of that energy field, and it becomes the dominating experience of its life.

All thoughts and intentions based on truth align consciousness with a positive energy field. Truth energy fields are powerful and create neutral, content, and enjoyable inner experiences. One becomes a positive filter and generally reacts to situations based on the dominating energy field. So a person who is at the level of acceptance finds it easier to accept the happenings around him or her, and he or she doesn’t let it disturb his or her inner world.

People act the way they do because they are living in specific energy fields that directly influence the overall inner experience, actions, and the way they relate with the world. Although people’s actions can seem very random and chaotic at times, when we perceive it in terms of energy fields, it becomes quite clear why people are the way they are. It becomes easier to accept people for their way of being because we can now see them as a consciousness residing itself in a certain energy field and don’t know how to get out of it.

If you find yourself stuck in any of the falsehood energy fields above, replace it with a more suitable field that is aligned with truth. With this knowledge, we can move up the scale of consciousness faster than ever and greatly improve our potentials for inner growth.

Changing Energy Fields

For anyone who wants to change the dominating energy field he or she is experiencing, you can do an exercise that will be effective in rebalancing your energy field. First, look at the list in the previous section, and pick out the energy field that you believe you are currently residing in. Various aspects of your life can be aligned with different energy fields, but choose the one you relate to most. Be honest with yourself for the best results. No energy field is better than another is. They are just different areas that consciousness can experience. Whichever energy field you believe to be the dominating one in your life, ask yourself, “Am I happy living in this energy for the rest of my life?” If the answer is no, let’s see what we can do to change the dominating energy field to one that is more enjoyable because you deserve a positive inner experience.

It starts with your inner world and the way you choose to be a filter to everything. Life gives us the chance to react to life, and by this very response, we are determining the energy field that surrounds us. So if you want to change the energy field, alter how you filter life through you. The easiest way to do this is to start by doing it for one hour, like an exercise.

After reading this book, I want you to become willing to accept everything for the way it is for just an hour. Every time you are presented an opportunity to react to something, react with acceptance. Remove the old filter system—whether it was fear, desire, anger, and so forth—and put it to the side. We don’t need that right now.

This is an exercise, and it requires it to be done consistently to get results. Just like if you were exercising to get into physical shape, consistency is key, and it’s the exact same to get into inner shape. Just as you would only see results if you stay on the treadmill, this will only work if you remain in the new energy field. It doesn’t work if you jump on and off the treadmill. Can you imagine seeing someone working out in the gym, seeing him or her running around from one machine to another, and only staying on each machine for a few moments? No progress would be getting done. He or she would just be wasting his or her time, and he or she would be tired and frustrated in the process. It works the same here.

We can see an energy field like a workout machine. It doesn’t work if you jump from fear to acceptance to shame to acceptance to anger to acceptance and so forth. If you remain in the field of acceptance, you will see quite fast progress. This means accepting of yourself, others, and all else.

If you stay aware of yourself and filter your reactions with acceptance without fail for an hour, you will start to change the energy field that surrounds your being. If you find it hard to be accepting of everything for the duration of the hour, you can replace it with neutral. So instead of filtering life through you as you did before, become neutral, meaning no good or bad reaction takes place toward yourself, people, or anything. Practice until it becomes automatic. Some find this easier, and it works great as well. In actuality, any truth-based energy field will work if you remain in it. For people who want to speed up the process, react to everything with love. It is not impossible and definitely the most rewarding. The energy field of love is a feeling of safeness, comfort, and completeness, and when the energy field is present, it is quite apparent.

After you have done the hour exercise, it is up to you how you wish to remain experiencing life. It is a fact that you will find more peace with the higher energy fields. It only requires effort to change the dominating energy field. Once the new energy field is dominant, that new experience becomes automatic without doing anything.

It really comes down to the individual, what feels natural to him or her and how willing he or she is to make or experience a change. If it helps, think of yourself as just one in seven billion. You don’t need to be the one determining if everything is right or wrong and reacting based on that choice with an appropriate response. Enough people are doing that already. Instead, just work on perfecting your inner experience and not letting anything take away your energy field of well-being from you.


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