Higher States of Consciousness Notes for Devoted Spiritual Aspirants

When human expands its consciousness and awakens to that which it truly is, the experience of humanness becomes just an experience. The awakened consciousness watches/observes the experience of being a human; just as if it were a ride at an amusement park. The consciousness is awakened to the reality that it can manifest itself as any experience in the universe because that is the nature of conciousness itself. Humanness is just one experience of infinite possibilities. Think to oneself I want to experience being a dolphin, a mountain, the ocean and expand the inner awareness and align with the reality that these are actual possible experiences, just not at this time. At this time the consciousness is having a human experience so it enjoys being human in the moment.

One changes their alignment from being the primary controller to the secondary observer. All remains the same except an alignment change. Instead of seeing yourself solely as this human being, this body, this thought,  etc. you align with the underlying backdrop of awareness. Enlightenment is merely and alignment shift; a shift of what you identify with as self. It is a realization you are not just this human experience you are having. That which you truly are at your core cannot be limited to one experience. You are the universe contained in a human body. Identify with the universe within you.

It’s called enlightenment because its an enlightening realization. To realize the infinite possibilities of your conciousnrss is freeing and liberating. You are no longer enslaved with humanness and primitive human emotions. It can be compared to a box; we have been living in the restrictions of the box and identifying with the box until one realises the box is just one experience and outside of the box is its true reality. One still has to experience the experience of boxness but has the awareness it has life beyond being a box. With this awakening realization and shift of identification the problems and struggles of being in the box in this moment are no longer at play.  Instead it is just enjoyed in this moment that it is able to experience being a box with the understanding it isn’t actually the box…

It is like a third eye is opened that is able to see outside of its primary experience; see outside the box. With this new vision it is not only able to see outside of itself but identify with something beyond itself. Love and joy can be added to the experience freely by the act of intention with this new identification.

By simply intending to be loving and intending to be joyful these are experienced within the consciousness. Life becomes a peaceful experience with its liberating identification which allows it to freely intend to express itself in the manner it desires.

It requires constant alignment and identification with the awareness that life is beyond oneself. Falling asleep to this truth with lack of self awareness and over thinkingness will bring one back to the captivity of the primitive experience of humanness rather than the liberating experience of higher states of consciousness.

With practise, introspection and devotion the experience of higher states of awareness become a constant  requiring no effort or intention at all. Life becomes a constant experience of effortless love, joy and self liberating peace.

When going into higher states of awareness it is extremely important to protect yourself with the presence of love. Spiritual aspirants should know without fear that even higher realms of awareness can be accompanied by entities that are forceful in nature and do not care about your well being or spiritual upliftment.  They will latch onto your consciousness at any chance/opening they see and you may experience this as a extreme heaviness, demanding and forceful in nature being unrelentless to leave your consciousness and increasingly constricting you even when being asked to stop. Remember, Satan lives in higher realms of awareness but devoid of love. It is extremely crucial whatever realms or states of consciousness you are reaching it is accompanied by Unconditional Love. The presence of God is unconditional love and if this is not experienced evidently and abundantly it is not the right path even if the experience is enlightening in nature and the spiritual aspirant should come back to homeostasis before proceeding further into higher states of consciousness. Love is the presence of God and will protect from all evil. Love is necessary when evolving your consciousness into higher awareness.

Satan and evil use trickery with a rising consciousness that is not protected by Unconditional Love. It can portray itself as something it’s not, tricking the innocent conciousness and seemingly playing it’s own little games with the innocent soul being the victim of its games.  The nature of evil energy will eventually end up telling you its dark nature if you dont know already what is taking place because it is ego in its nature and wants it’s victim to know who it is and what it is doing to you. When and if presented with such experience you will find you have absolutely no fear during the encounter (although you will have the overwhelming urge to break free from the entity because of what can be described as extreme heaviness on your consciousness which is actually the feeling of your consciousness being constricted by the negative force)  After the experience you will end up being fearless to such negative entities and to Satan himself because of understanding what it is.

See fear is accompanied by a lack of understanding and fear is usually a fear of the unknown.  For example it’s just like when you watch a scary movie the scariest parts are when you actually can’t see the bad guy/monster etc. and the anticipation of seeing it or it jumping out at the screen is was frightens you. Then once the bad guy/monster becomes visible to the viewers  the fear starts to subside right.  It is the same with life, once Satan/evil is known it is clear it is nothing to fear or be afraid of, rather it is something to be avoided and the spiritual aspirant takes the necessary steps to ensure a safe journey when rising consciousness.

Love always needs to be present when reaching higher states.  If it’s not, stop and perfect living with the presence of love (which is the presence of god) before proceeding any further in your spiritual endeavors.

Images source from http://humansarefree.com/2014/08/waking-from-sleep-higher-states-of.html