Falling In Love With Life

To experience love, love life and the experience of living. The point is to fall in love with life. Forget about trying to love everybody individually in the world. This is too overwhelming at first. Simply love the energy of life and the experience of being.

Can you say to yourself that you love life? What does that mean anyway? Are you loving what you get to experience in life or being able to experience life in the first place.

Once you can say “I Love Life” with honesty, your inner feeling will forever change. When you love life, you love all existence and everyone included because the core and essence of everyone and everything is the energy of life. This is true unconditional love. Love the life in you and everyone else. It is all the same. The energy of life is the energy of love, so what you are really doing in the process of spiritual discovery is aligning yourself with life and love.

The energy of life is all loving. If it weren’t, why would it have created you? The energy of life is all forgiving. If it weren’t, the moment you did something bad in your life, you would have lost the privilege of living. Life is everything it needs to be for us to grow.

Here is the kicker. You don’t have life. You are life! How aware are you that you are life? This determines the level of awareness/consciousness. The more aware you are that you are the energy of life contained in a physical body, the more empowered and ecstatic you feel. The body is a vehicle that carries the energy of life within. So when people tell you to look within, they mean you are to look to the deeper core of your existence beyond the body and mind. Look to the inner energy that radiates from you, the energy of life and love. This is who you truly are. This is what you were meant to identify with as self.

What am I? I am life. I love life.  Love is life. Life is God. God is love. Therefore, I am love.

Becoming Love

If the source of our existence is infinite love, we too are on the path to becoming this. We choose to come to earth to grow our inner love. Unconditional love is the gateway to heaven. To experience it completely requires no restrictions, conditions, or expectations for sending out love energy and to simply do it out of respect for thankfulness to God and ourselves.

People are always wondering, “How do I make the world a better place?” By becoming loving, you make the world a better place for yourself and all of humanity. A loving person won’t start an argument or cause pain and suffering and will never send hateful energy.

A loving individual changes the world by example, and the light that radiates from him or her helps to counteract the negativity in the world. If everyone reached this state of lovingness, there would be no war, crime, cruelty, and human suffering. Everyone could be trusted as one big family. This is the proof it is the ultimate purpose. The state of lovingness brings happiness, harmony, and joy to all.

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