Connecting to the Moment of Now

The inner path is about connecting and aligning oneself in the now. The now is:

  • all that exists
  • the awareness that is cognizant that it is
  • the experience of livingness
  • the unfading, always present, all-encompassing, and everlasting experience of forever

What creates the illusion that the now is always changing? The ego categorizes in terms of time, an earthly experience that helps us make sense of the world. Time is an illusion in the sense that it fades away when you stop identifying with it.

For example, at any time in our lives, we can pose the following question to ourselves, “What am I experiencing right now?” We notice we are always experiencing the moment of now, no matter when, at what time, or where we pose this question. The moment of now never fades. It is like a light that always shines. As each moment seemingly fades away into the past, it actually remains the very same. Our shift in perception creates the illusion of change. There is only one moment, and it is the moment of now. The reality is that the now is always and forever, and we determine our experiences in it at each instant.

We can also ask ourselves, “What do I want to experience right now in this instant?” When the answer comes to us and we know what we want to feel, we can start identifying with the thoughts that will create the inner experience we desire and surrender unnecessary thoughts. When we know the moment of now is forever, we can start enjoying this moment and make the experience a pleasurable one.

The closer we feel to the actual moment of now, the closer we are to living in reality. Living in the mind creates the illusion of past and future that can bring about suffering. Living in the state of forever creates an inner domain free from suffering and full of silence, peace, stillness, and contentment where we are free to live the life we want to live with no restrictions.

Fixity of Focus

There is a well-known phrase, “Live in the moment.” When someone tells you to live in the moment, the response is, “Yes, I know I should live in the moment, but …” There always seems to be a reason why something else is more important than the actual moment of experiencing life in this moment. Why?

The ego’s automatic fixates on controlling what you feel, want, and need. Without internal awareness on what the ego is doing, we fail to notice it, and the ego’s games take over our emotions. Surrendering the ego’s hold on your feelings requires you to have an internal awareness in which you watch your thoughts with fixity of focus, surrender the nonbeneficial ones, and create your own thoughts to create your own reality.

Fixity of focus means to not waver from doing. From today on, practice fixity of focus on staying connected in the moment of awareness that is experienced in the foreverness of now. Witness how a simple realignment can change your experience of life.

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