Adopting Integrity as a Way of Being

In the past, people who lacked integrity lied to you. Life has never lied to you. Life is working with you and supporting you. Life is the ultimate role model. If you want to live truthfully in reality and aligned and working with life, one must have integrity. Integrity is honesty.

Be honest with yourself first and foremost, and then spread that attitude to others. Integrity is an internal consistency as a virtue. You become integrous for the sake of living in truth, not just because it is morally correct. You build a respect and relationship with truth.

Inner suffering, as in negative emotions such as apathy, guilt, anger, fear, shame, and others, are not forms of integrity. The person is not being honest and integrous enough with himself or herself that he or she condones and accepts suffering as a way of being. No inner suffering is justifiable by any means. If you introspectively examine when you are living in or how you are experiencing a negative emotion, you see it possibly stems from the fact you are trying to prove to yourself that you are right.

We try to prove to ourselves we are right, and there is a good enough reason to feel this way because something in the big, bad world did this or that. It comes down to how much we are willing to sacrifice and pay to be right. If you are willing to not be happy in order to get the satisfaction of being right and sticking with your belief systems that don’t support your inner well-being, then happiness will always be something in the distant future that one hopes for. It goes, “Oh, well. Maybe tomorrow will be better.” Tomorrow won’t be better if today isn’t better because the feeling of betterment has to come from you. After the light of truth reawakened her, Betty J. Eadie said, “We can create our own spiral of despair, or we can create a trampoline of happiness and attainment”(Embraced by the Light).

Be integrous enough with yourself to let contentment and happiness become more important than proving and convincing yourself that you are right and the world is wrong in some way or someone did you wrong. Chances are, you are right, and someone did do something that wasn’t correct. When you let it control your well-being, you are letting whatever happen have power over you.

Self-integrity for the sake of well-being is the bridge between falsehood and truth. When you adopt integrity, you renounce the relationship with negativity and start to reclaim your power. As we acknowledge and let go of trying to prove to our inner selves that we are right and there is a justifiable reason for each negative feeling, suffering will fall away, and well-being will be free to arise.

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