5 Ways You Can Help People in Day to Day Life

Attention — Sometimes people simply need to let things off their chest and have someone to listen to them. Giving people the attention they deserve is often all someone needs in order to feel better in the moment. A lot of times people feel like there is no one who cares or that is there to listen. Taking a few moments to leave your worries and problems and to give someone else the attention they need is helpful to you and them. We don’t always need advise and for someone to tell us what to do or what not to do, sometimes silent attention is all that is required.

Knowledge — Knowledge gives people the capacity to help themselves with the knowledge provided. It is like instead of doing something for someone you give them the wisdom and inventory for them to be able to handle it themselves. For example instead of making a fire for someone you give them the tools and instructions how to create it. Knowledge provides long term help to individuals and the results most often cannot be seen immediately but knowledge that is heard combined with an impactful experience is very powerful to change the way you see and beneficially relate with things. It is never a waste of time to share valuable knowledge with the world. Even if cant see the results in real time try not to get frustrated as you are helping the world more than can be visually seen on the surface. Share your wisdom with others when given the opportunity but watch in the way the knowledge is presented. No one likes to be shoved new information down their throat, they will reject it even if its truth. This is the common error amongst spiritual, life and even school teachers. If too much content is being sent to the individual and it doesn’t feel good, it will commonly be rejected. Slip some humor and fun in between the knowledge for maximum results among your teachings. It takes time for knowledge to be processed and understood for the truth it holds beyond the words.  Usually it is good to wait for someone to ask for help rather than preaching knowledge to every single person as when someone is asking they are ready and open to the new information that will be coming to them and more likely to impact them in a positive way.

Fun — You may be wondering how does fun benefit others but its inspiring to see someone full of life and having a good time. It rubs off on people when they see people having fun and mirror that behavior because to simply put, fun is fun. Everyone wants to have a good time, simply having fun in day to day life and sharing that fun with others is very helpful and beneficial for the world.

Humor — Humor is a divine quality. The animal brain cannot laugh. Comedians have the ability to have an entire audience laughing and re-contextualizing common life struggles and problems in a way that can be laughed at. This creates joy within the individual rather than pain that once may have been experienced before related to the same situation. It doesn’t help someone to laugh at them but when there is an opportunity to slip in some humor to everyday life it is a great way to lighten the world and bring people to experiencing a higher consciousness in their being. One of the biggest problems among humans is taking things way to serious.  Be cautious around people who never laugh as they are identified with the lower brain for one reason or another. It feels good to laugh and it is fruitful to others to give them a laugh once in awhile.

Love — The most powerful, beneficial and easy way for us to help others is by loving them. Love is silent, love is pure, love is healing, love is powerful, love is empowering, love is inspiring, love is uplifting, love is its own teacher.

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