Author: Brayden Hall

22 year old passionate about life. Some people like to learn about Math and Sciences, others like to learn about Cars and Mechanics, I personally love to learn about life. Through my many years on earth :p I have fallen in love with life and write in hopes of inspiring others to do the same 😉

“Knowledge is Freeing and can build a foundation for happiness to sprout and grow into self sustained well being. Suffering is an inner experience that can be healed and resolved through love and acceptance.”

Give knowledge to your soul! On this web site you will find interesting discussions that can possibly shed light on some of your deeper curiosities.  No matter what family, culture, country, race or religion you come from… everyone is a part of the experience of life on the journey to find inner peace and understanding.  Life is a beautiful miracle we all get to experience at each moment. Sometimes daily routines and hectic lifestyles can make us fall asleep to that miracle. Refresh the mind and inspire your soul with daily inspiration and wisdom.


What makes our posts an interesting read? Well, grab yourself a coffee, love you to stay and find out for yourself 😉

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